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Saving British Wildlife in the Sussex, Surrey & Kent Area



If you come across cubs playing in a field/wood near to a sett , they are fine and will have a mother watching over them. Your best plan is to find a safe place to sit and watch and have a fabulous experience. However, if you find a young badger cub with its eyes still closed above ground it almost certainly needs rescuing. They do not normally come out of the sett until they can see properly so it has come looking for food and that sadly means mum is no longer around. If you find a badger cub wandering around calling, or with any injuries, it needs rescuing.






We have all seen the number of badgers that are hit on the road. They are too slow and perhaps too stubborn for their own good sometimes. If you come across a badger or are unlucky enough to hit one yourself, please be very careful. Badgers have a fierce bite and an injured badger is likely to be in a very bad mood. Do not get too close either, because they can whip around in a split second and you may well lose fingers or bite size pieces of your hands or legs. If the animal is clearly alive, call for help and stay nearby to ensure the animal is safe from other traffic.





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