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Saving British Wildlife in the Sussex, Surrey & Kent Area

Peeking Fox Cub
Peeking Fox Cub
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What to do if you come across injured animals or young animals on their own.
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Wildlife A&E is a non-profit making organisation funded through donations and run by unpaid volunteers.
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No 2 days are the same!
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Wildlife A&E rescues wild animals in the area where Sussex, Surrey and Kent meet.

Wildlife A&E is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of all native species. We assist in animal rescues, rehabilitate injured animals, hand rear orphaned young animals and nurse sick animals back to health.

The ultimate aim for all the animals we work with is to release them back to the wild and we have a fantastic team of carers who work tireless and often sleeplessly with that aim in mind. If, for whatever reason the animal cannot be released, we have a wider team of exceptional dedicated volunteers who help to care for all manner of unfortunate creatures for as long as it takes.

We work with other local rescue centres including Folly Wildlife Rescue, who have been helping wildlife in the Sussex/Kent area for many years and we are very grateful for their support and in return we are delighted to support their remarkable commitment.

Many of our calls come from those who watch the wildlife in their own garden and spot a problem, from police patrols, called to the scene of an accident, from tree surgeons, landscape gardeners and farmers who see animals in need and equally from walkers and riders who notice animals in distress when out and about.

So if you discover an orphaned fawn, a dozy looking fox, a lone fox cub or badger cub, birds of prey or any wild animal that looks like it needs help please call us on our emergency numbers which are:

07709574665 / 07746336966 or 07767058727

If you can, please call us before you have any contact with the animals because there are times when it is best to leave the animal alone, retreat a safe distance and observe. There is more guidance on this here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to go to entanglements or RTA’s as we just don’t have the equipment or manpower to deal with these.

This website covers some of the things we can do and have done in the past but if you have any query, question or suggestions please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

You can also find us on Facebook

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