Want to Help?

Wildlife A&E is a non-profit making organisation funded through donations and run by unpaid volunteers.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise available to us to help with the animals for whom we care but we always need further funds to pay for medicines, dressings, transport, animal feed, bedding etc etc etc. Anyone who has ever owned a pet will know the list is endless. Your help could be crucial in saving the life of an injured or orphaned animal.

If you would like to donate even a small amount of money please send cheques to Debbie Johnson, Unity Cottage, High Cross, Rotherfield, East Sussex. TN6 3PX. Cheques should be made payable to Wildlife A&E.

Or you can pay funds directly into our account

Bank                                      Co-operative Bank

Account name                   Wildlife A&E

Sort Code                           08-92-99

Account Number          65447255

Fund raising events

If you would like to raise some funds to help the animals through an event of some sort; a sponsored event, a quiz night, a collection or some other event, then please get in touch. We are immensely grateful for your help and will do whatever we can to assist.