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Wildlife A&E past patients

Here are some snaps of some of the animals we have helped in the past.
Norman the hedgehog:found weighing 200gm
Fern the roe deer fawn
Roe Deer Fawn who had been left for too long and didn't survive
A very 'at home' Skippy the fox cub 
Harry caring for Donald our resident Magpie Duck
Ozzie the Barn Owl: our team mascot
Harry in his traditional babysitting role 
Saba entertains a lone cub 
 Bessie with a very full belly

4 of 10 cubs which arrived on 30th March 2011

Bessie doing her teddybear impression 
 Tiny Tim...too cute
Titch in relaxing pose
Our little orphaned Roe Deer
Our little Tawny chick only his mum could love him!

Please click through the text to get the videos which are loaded onto Youtube
Deer fawn being looked after by Harry This was one of our fiirst Deer orphans


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