Education and visits

We are passionate about the wonders of British Wildlife and we love to share that passion with others; especially children because an early understanding of the wildlife around them generally leads to a greater appreciation throughout their lives.

If you would like Wildlife A&E to come to talk to your school, club or organisation, please let us know. We can arrange sessions which fit in with current projects, cover an area like conservation, the environment or animal welfare or we can talk about life cycles and general animal matters.

The best bit is that the children (and adults) will get to meet our mascot Ozzie the Barn Owl and, depending on who we have in residence at the time, perhaps get to see just how spiky a hedgehog really is or maybe see and touch another of the amazing creatures they will rarely see in the wild. 

Wildlife A&E does this to both educate the next generation to care for wildlife in future and to raise much needed funds for the care of sick, injured and orphaned animals today. The fee is small and depends on distance and other factors but please call us on 01892 852261 or email for further information.