Jack and Jill

posted 5 Oct 2014, 23:35 by Debbie Johnson   [ updated 9 Mar 2015, 10:29 ]

this is Jack and Jill. they were found snuggled up to their dead mum on the side of the road in Copthorne, Surrey. Very frightened and dehydrated they were rushed home to be given fluids and  food. After a few days , once they were settled they joined the other 13 fox cubs and went from strength to strength.

This summer has been full of ups and downs. We have been extremely busy since the orphans started coming in. We had 20 fox cubs in total, which are now all back out in the wild, a great feeling when you see them go. In February we had a barn owl brought to us with a broken wing. We took it to Alex our vet, who said that he would be able to pin the wing. All went well and he was released in May, flying off beautifully across the fields. March seemed to be the month for pheasants arguing with cars, we had 4 in the space of a couple of weeks. Two we managed to help the other two were too badly injured. 21 ducklings in so far this year! Often found wandering on roads with or without their mum, we have had two families with mums and one family of 9 without mum found on the A217 near Burgh Heath. Unfortunately we lost a couple of these as they were not as strong as the others, probably been without mum for some time, but the surviving ones were released just recently on a local pond. 4 Tawny chicks came in on the same weekend in April, after a heavy storm. Very cold and bedraggled it took a while to get them to eat but once that was started there was no stopping them. We have had a couple of unusual patients this year, a mole, who was caught by a cat! Unfortunately he died soon after admission, probably ill before the cat got it as not normally above ground long enough for cats to get them! Most exciting was a young kingfisher, who was just a perfect patient. We had trouble getting it to eat at first and had to hand feed, but once it got the taste for whitebait he was fine. The only problem we had was getting oils into his coat, as he got waterlogged very easily, he did preen but not enough and got cold very quickly. We designed a lovely enclosure for him so that he could dive and then get under a lamp to get warm again. This worked perfectly and he seemed to be doing really well. But i went out one morning to find he had died in the night. I was so upset as we thought we had almost got him to release stage. These birds do not normally cope with confinement for any length of time especially adults but as he was a youngster he was happy and we had had him for 3 weeks before he died. I managed to rear 5 baby rabbits this year from about 2weeks old, Folly wildlife Rescue were inundated with them so i offered to help out. These are very difficult to rear but Folly have had a lot of success with a programme they have run and it certainly worked for me. We have had a lot of fledglings and nestlings this year and with the help of a couple of volunteers and Louise we managed to get them through to weaning stage and Folly then took them for us to mix with others of the same age, they then learn to eat for themselves and are released together. We seem to be the only rescue centre that will go out to deer in trouble in the South East! We have calls from all over the three counties and have tried to get to all of them, but this isn’t always possible, especially when there are only 4 of us and usually need all hands for each call. So far this year we have been out to 78! That is 17 more than the whole of last year with 3 months to go! A lot of those unfortunately we have had to put to sleep due to the injuries, but at least their suffering ceased. We have 7 fawns some with leg injuries that we are still not sure will heal enough to release, but we are working hard with them. For regular updates and to see what we are up to you can always log on to Facebook Wildlife A&E. As well as the animal care we have been busy fund raising and would like to thank all those involved for their help- Merristwood College, Crowborough Town, Keep it local, Dormansland Horse and Dog show, Cats Protection Chelwood Gate. Groombridge village Fete.