September 2011

posted 18 Sept 2011, 07:01 by Debbie Johnson
Autumn is usually hedgehog time, and September has started with a call from two guys who had demolished some decking in their back garden to find a Mum and 4 babies tucked under the last corner. The area was a complete demolition site and they had to be removed. Thankfully the babies were well on, so mum would not kill the babies if disturbed. They are now back in my garden pen waiting for a suitable release site to be found.
 We have a new newsletter now printed, if you would like a copy emailed to you please let me know Now that things have got a bit quieter we are thinking of ways to raise funds. Our first event is a Quiz Night on 24th October, if you would like more details or to join in please contact us for an entry form, we would love to see you.
If you are holding a Autumn or Christmas fair please let us know we have lots of interesting bits that would make great presents, so would love to have a stall.