October 2011

posted 4 Nov 2011, 13:07 by Debbie Johnson
 Another busy month. We've had a lot of pigeons and collared doves with canker a disease which starts with small lesions in the throat and if left untreated can increase in size and literally close the throat completely. Unfortunately the ones we have had in this month have been so bad that it was impossible to get any medication or feed tube in, so did not make it. We had a young Woodpigeon Squab who came in very dehydrated and thin, but is doing very well and has been taken on by WRAS as they had some of a similar age for him to join. We also had a couple of young squirrels which have done well, a couple of underweight hedgehogs and a tawny owl which was hit by a car, all of which are doing well.
We launched our first Calendar this month which can be seen and bought on Ebay for £3 plus postage or just email me at wildlifeaande@gmail.com and i can send you one.
On 24th October we had a very successful Quiz night, we had 12 teams! thank you for all who attended and we raised £340. A good night was had by all. Congratulations to the Cooper Troopers who won. Next Month we are attending Lingfield Primary Schools Christmas Shooping evening on 17th November and will also be at Lingfield Evening 9th December with Ozzy Owl, so hopefully see you there.
The past week i have been looking after the 7 fallow fawns that are at Chris and Sylvia's, while they went on a well earned rest, in Devon. No matter how many times i get close to the fawns i still cannot believe how beautiful they are, it is a privilege to be so close to them. I hope i never take it for granted.