posted 13 Dec 2011, 12:23 by Debbie Johnson   [ updated 18 Dec 2011, 12:52 ]
Sorry its been a while since i updated you hopefully you have kept up with our 'goings on' via facebook. Anyway November brought us a few surprises in the way of young squirrels, young pigeon and a few hoglets. This was due to the unusually warm time we have had, we are used to having a few hoglets in at this time, late babies usually find it difficult to find enough food to fatten up enough to hibernate, but squirrels and pigeons? Anyway they have all done well and put on weight, and are ready or have already gone back into the wild. The deer fawns are now out in the garden and eating everything in site we are having to supplement their feed with browser nuts, haylage and rabbit food, and with 7 of them it is not an easy task. Marvin our Roe deer that came from Beckenham Vet after ? dog attack- still not sure about his injuries and where they came from, unfortunately didnt make it and had to be put down, he suddenly went down hill after large abscesses appeared he also was showing signs of protein difficiency. Very sad when we thought we had got him through the worst. Thanks to Trevor from WRAS for his help.
We have been fund raising madly through this 'quiet time'! and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the schools and Lingfield Village Christmas night, we have raised over £300 in total. thank you to all who helped make that possible.
I am very grateful to Sue Archer and her partner, Dave, for all their help and support over the last couple of months, they have been a great help and hope they will continue to be part of the team. We have a number of new items for sale including Paper weights with pictures of our rescued animals, colouring books, book marks, cuddly toys, fridge magnets, jewelled lavender bags, calendars and much much more. Please contact us for full list and details, some items can be found in our ebay shop.The next couple of months we will be sorting out our new sheds and pen in preparation for next spring, with as much fund raising as we can fit in. If you have any events which we could perhaps come along to please let us know.