November 2013

posted 5 Nov 2013, 07:34 by Debbie Johnson   [ updated 5 Nov 2013, 08:56 ]
After a full on couple of months gathering browse for the fawns everyday, thank you to Mr and Mrs King and Kings Farm for allowing us to cut down trees and hedges, all of you who have donated hedge trimmings and all those in Sheriffs Lane, Rotherfield, who kindly allowed us to take what we wanted from their hedges, it made our life so much easier this year, you would not believe what a help it was. September was a busy time for fund raising, we attended a number of events days including Dormansland  Horse Show, who donated part of the takings on the day to us, thank you so much to Charlie and her team, Paradise Park, Newhaven Family Weekend, and the Sussex Air Ambulance fair to name but a few. We were also lucky enough to be chosen by Asda in Crawley for their green token scheme and received a cheque for £200 which has enabled us to replace some of our well-used carriers, some milk formula and a couple of heat pads.
We have also been busy with rescuing deer, pigeons, hedgehogs especially young ones too small to hibernate. These young hoglets will now be with us for the winter and as you can imagine cost a bit to feed during that time, so the fund raising goes on. If you are holding a Christmas fair please let us know we would love to come along and hold a stall.
We are holding a Quiz Night on Saturday 9th November to raise funds to buy security cameras for  our deer pen, this with the money donated by the Dormansland Horse Show should enable us to reach our goal.
From January to beginning of November we have had 219 casualties and orphans through the door, considering we had 176 in whole of last year that is a considerable increase and we are not at the end of the year yet.
The stories of a couple of our more recent  deer rescues are attached at the bottom.
Young hoglets too small to hibernate are now coming in, please keep your eyes open day and night for little ones, not forgetting to check all your bonfires before lighting them tonight they are ideal hedgehog houses.