November 2012

posted 4 Nov 2012, 10:27 by Debbie Johnson   [ updated 4 Nov 2012, 10:29 ]

It is now November, goodness where has the year gone! Since August we have been kept busy with mainly deer fawns and hedgehogs. In the last two months we have had to deal with 7 fawns, again either hit by cars or caught up in fencing and one that had the signs of spinal damage but turned out to be meningitis. Unfortunately most had to be put to sleep, and two died after some treatment, we were getting to the stage where we were wondering if we doing the right thing  by helping only to prolong the inevitable. Then told ourselves that if we thought like that then we wouldn’t have had the successes we have had or our herd of 12 that are now coming in to visit. But it is very upsetting when you see them fading in front of your eyes when you think they are doing ok. One of the fawns, Lexi, went through 4 operations to sort her leg out, following her amputation, and was doing so well, she was back out in the garden with the other 4 running around eating and putting on weight, when we suddenly found her collapsed one morning and she died 20mins later. It turned out her liver hadn’t grown properly and after all she had been through her liver just couldn’t cope anymore. How could we have known, we couldn’t, so we just treated what we saw. But we have learnt something as a result and will now do blood tests on all fawns that come in before putting them through any sort of major operations. She had been with us for 8 weeks and become quite a character it was such a shock to see her like that especially after all she had been through. I must thank our vet Alex for his amazing support and help we couldn’t have done it without him, and also Sonya from Darwin Vets for their help also.

On a brighter note we have had a great number of ‘hoglets’ coming in too small to hibernate, these are now living a winter of luxury in the Hedgehog Hotel we have near Leatherhead, run by Nyree and Colin. Thank you to them for taking them all. We have also had three tawny owls in one RTA, one caught on a fence, and the other just cold and wet with awful canker. The first two did really well and were released back where they were found but the last unfortunately died. People think that we have a wonderful time looking after these animals and we do, but there is a very upsetting side and we seem to have had our fair share of it just recently, although when we count up the figures, out of 166 admissions so far this year, we have only lost 39 so it doesn’t seem so bad on paper.

To help the funds to continue to come in we are making a number of appearances at Christmas fairs and also holding our own Quiz Night at the British wildlife Centre on 24th November, thank you to them for letting us take over their cafe. All details can be found in the newsletter which i have attached at the bottom.

Debbie Johnson,
4 Nov 2012, 10:27