More cubs

posted 17 Apr 2011, 10:34 by Debbie Johnson
Sorry its been a while since i posted an update. The last week has been very busy, we spent last Saturday night helping Trevor and Kathy from WRAS rescue 3 cubs from a fox hole. Named the Dallington 3, as that is the village they were found in. After a lot of digging and waiting, we eventually got the three out, very dehydrated and hungry. Sam has now taken on the task of rearing them. Tuesday evening i took Chika back to East Grinstead to the garden she was found in, to release after a long convalescence, she was a bit confused to start with but soon recognised her home and is now settled. Thanks to Wes and Kiera for feeding her. Later Tuesday evening i got another call from Trevor to say they had another single cub coming in found in Eastbourne, could i take it. He arrived very dehydrated but soon got the hang of the syringe and we managed to get some lectade into him. This was another night of interupted sleep to get him rehydrated but worth it. Now have 6 cubs with me, Chris and Sylvia have 5, Sam has 3 and one of our other Volunteers, Patsy, has 3. 17 in all!!