May Update

posted 20 May 2011, 11:02 by Debbie Johnson
We have had a busy couple of weeks, including a few sleepless nights, over a very poorly roe deer fawn. We have had a few new patients admitted  including two green finches, unfortunately one didnt make it, the other is about to be released, a tawny chick who was found by a dog walker and is almost feeding himself, a single duckling which i passed on as they dont do well on their own, Rita the RTA foxcub has recovered well and is now part of the gang, so is Titch, a tiny little cub who has the bravery of a big fox, he doesnt take any stick from anyone, and then there is our little roe deer fawn who was found collapsed in a field by a farmer, we didnt hold out much hope as he was so dehydrated, but Trevor, from WRAS, Sylvia and Chris,  worked wonders and managed to get fluids back into him, i then took over his care a couple of days later when he was more stable, but was still not taking milk very well. He had no sucking reflex and had to be syringe fed, taking small amounts every time, but after a couple of days of 2 hourly feeds day and night, he has come on in leaps and bounds and is now doing very well. He has got his sucking reflex back and taking 200mls every 6-8 hours, running round the garden and enjoying life again. This is what the job is all about seeing them come in so ill and getting back on their feet, it doesnt always happen, especially with these little ones, we lost 2 last year after only a couple of days, they are so flakey we never know how things are going to go. The 7 foxcubs have now moved outside and are enjoying their new playground, another month and they will be off to their secondary care and release.