March 2015

posted 26 Jan 2016, 07:17 by Debbie Johnson   [ updated 26 Jan 2016, 07:19 ]

At the beginning of March we had a Barn owl brought in from Gatwick Airport covered in a black goo that smelt like petrol- jet fuel! He was found in a puddle at the back of the airport where there were some fuel barrels stored. He was very thin and dehydrated and we were worried that he may have ingested some of it. We got straight into trying to get this awful goo off him but with two washes of fairy liquid it was hardly any different. We tried swarfega which didn’t help either so we called a raptor centre to see if they had any advice and they said try mayonnaise and fairy liquid! Strange mixture but we were ready to try anything. After a couple of baths it seemed to be working so over the next few days we continued to use it and after a few more days he was almost looking like a barn owl again. He was eating well and there were no signs of ingestion so all looked good by the end of March he was strong enough and clean enough to go out in the aviary to try out his clean wings and get flying again a couple of weeks later he was ready to go so we took him back to Gatwick near to where he was found and he knew exactly where he was. He took off without even looking back to say thank you. It was lovely to see and a great result.