June 2011

posted 30 Jun 2011, 10:59 by Debbie Johnson
This month we have been quite busy with birds, we have had 2 crows, 3 wood pigeons, 2 jackdaw fledgelings, and a green woodpecker (see the video), along with a hedgehog who had an ulcerated eye, a weasel which was caught by a cat and had spinal damage, a duckling and a greenfinch fledgeling, and Chris and Sylvia have 2 fallow fawns, one was caught in a fence and the other was hit by a car. The crows just needed rest as they had wing injuries after flying into things both now released, two of the pigeons have been released, one to go, all lost feathers due to cat/sparrowhawk attack, jackdaws both fell down the same chimney but a week apart!The poor man had to take his chimney apart twice to get them out. Both have done well and have now been released, they were real characters. The woodpecker flew into a school window in Lingfield and was concussed, with a bruised wing, luckily not broken. These do not do well in captivity so it was important to get her back out as soon as possible. She stayed with us in a quiet room for a weeks rest and is now back where she came from. The hedgehog found wandering down the road in the middle of the morning, looking confused, could not see an injuries was a very good weight but one eye  was closed. He was checked by the vet and found to have an ulcer behind his eye. Unfortunately the eye had to be removed and we dont think he has much sight in the other eye, so he will stay with us in our hog pen where he ahs plenty of room to roam in safety. The weasel unfortunately had to be put to sleep  as the injuries were too bad and he was not able to use his back legs at all. We gave him a few days to see if the paralysis was temporary but there was no change. the duckling was passed onto another centre who had other ducklings and the greenfinch did really well and has now been released.
Chris and Sylvia have had a hard time with the fawns, Dotty came first after being found caught uop in a fence in Rotherfield, the leg that was caught had quite a bad cut but thankfully had not torn the tendon. she was lame for a couple of days and had trouble get her foot straight on the ground so was knuckling quite badly, with a bit of physio she is now walking straight. Dolly the second fallow was hit by a car and kept by a family for a week before giving her to the RSPCA. Unfortunately during this time she didnt have the right diet and so along with her bruises including a graze on her head she had digestive problems. We hope now we have sorted that out but you can never be sure. Both are better than they were but its early days.