July Update

posted 30 Jul 2011, 11:53 by Debbie Johnson
Today Dave and I have spent the day helping Chris and Sylvia enlarge the deer pen in their garden. In the last few weeks we have had 7 deer fawns brought in to Chris and Sylvia from WRAS, most 5 of them have ligature wounds from being caught up in fencing the other two were attacked by dogs. All with horrendous wounds which are going to take weeks to heal. One of them may still lose a leg but we are giving her a chance and hoping we dont have to amputate.Chris and Sylvia have worked their magic, two of the fawns we didnt expect to last a night as they came in completely collapsed and limp, but they both got up the next day and are eating and drinking so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
At home i have 6 hedgehogs, all now putting on weight, a second Barn owl, 7 foxcubs - due to go to release soon, and two pigeons. These and helping Chris and Sylvia with dressings, suturing and wound cleaning, are keeping us all busy, but we love every minute of it.