Easter Update

posted 3 May 2011, 13:29 by Debbie Johnson
Had a busy couple of weeks we had another cub, tom thumb, delivered on Saturday 23rd of April, still brown and very frightened, a bit nippy too. But soon calmed down after a cuddle. He was found wandering on the streets of Eastbourne on his own, very dehydrated and hungry. After rehydration liquid he tucked into a bowl of milk and meat, dont know when he last ate but hes made up for it now. Wednesday 27th April had a call from a lady in Crawley who had found a young thrush, he is now in the aviary and nearly ready to go, a baby rabbit was also found in Forest Row, catted with a bad leg, wounds clean and antibiotic cover given, no broken bones and been released back with another baby rabbit. I then had a call about some baby birds which when i arrived found that they were only a couple of days old, if that! I knew i had a fight on my hands and unfortunately they didnt make it. Then a squirrel kit was taken in to the Britishwildlife Centre who asked me to take it as they do not have the facilities to rear younsters.
Sunday 1st May, had another call from WRAS about another cub found after a dog attack, his sibbling was killed but he managed to escape. Very small and frightened probably only 3 weeks old, now cuddled up with Tom Thumb and Tiny Tim, and has been named Titch. He will need a bit of extra TLC but is happy with his surrogate brothers.
Monday 2nd May had a call about a catted nest of birds 2 chicks survived, in East Grinstead, we think they are Great Tits, they have some feathers and are feeding well so fingers crossed.
Tuesday 3rd May i had a call from British Wildlife Centre about a foxcub they had  which had been brought in by a member of the public, she had been hit by a car. When i collected her she as obviously in shock so took her straight to my vet who checked her over. There were no obvious injuries but her gums were pale and i was worried about internal injuries. Our vet could find anything obvious and her tummy wasnt distended or hard, limbs all working, her gums were slightly pale but that could just be due to stress and shock, so she gave her some pain relief and we will keep an eye on her. Extra fluids over night and peace and quiet and hopefully she will feel better in the morning. I also had a call about another squirrel found in a garden in Blindley Heath by a dog, no injuries and finder fed him on puppy milk over the weekend and now has decided she cant keep him because of the dog. So he will be company for Cyril the squirrel I already have.
I have taken two of my original cubs over to our secondary-care pen at Chris and Sylvia and they have joined up with 3 of the cubs they have. They are having a wonderful time in the new big playground!