Early August

posted 11 Aug 2011, 09:58 by Debbie Johnson
The first couple of weeks of August and we have been out on numerous calls a few fledglings, a couple of hoglets, all doing well and have been or about to be released. We spent a Saturday morning travelling to Kenley in awful traffic! due to the M25 closure, to help a badly injured fox found in a garden. The sight we found was horrendous, she had no bottom jaw, and half her tail was gone, we rushed the poor vixen to Caterham animal hospital where she was put to sleep. She had obviously been attacked by dogs and how she was still on her feet we will never know.
 I was also asked to help Trevor from WRAS with a deer fawn rescue, this poor thing had been caught up in stock fencing, released by the finder and kept in a caravan for 4 days before calling anyone. Its hind leg had a bad ligature wound from the fence, but had been made worse by the tight bandage that had been tied on by the finder! When asked why they didnt call the vet they said that it was a Saturday and they wont come out on a saturday. Vets will see wildlife and usually not charge for their treatment, but if they wont then there is no reason not to call your nearest Rescue centre for help. Unfortunately this poor fawn had to have his leg amputated, they can survive with 3 legs but obviously its better for them if we can save the leg. We now have 2 amputees as a second one also with a bad ligature wound, left for a few days again before help was sought. Good news the other four that we have are doing really well and growing fast.