August 2013

posted 14 Aug 2013, 08:47 by Debbie Johnson

Well as it is suddenly August i thought i should do a round-up of the last few months. It has been a busy year so far with 165 admissions since January that is 50 more than this time last year. May, June and July, have been very busy, especially for birds, hedgehogs and deer. Thursday the 18th July we nearly beat last year’s record of 16 hedgehogs admitted in one day, but there were only 14 this time! Louise has done brilliantly bringing on all the baby birds and we thank Folly rescue for taking them on for release when ready.

 We always have offers of homes for hedgehogs but have to be careful where they go as there are so many dangers out there. We try and return as many as we can, to where they were found if possible. If not then we find suitable homes away from main roads, badgers, and large ponds, and lots of nice undergrowth for them to rummage around in. We are lucky to have Nyree and Colin in Bookham, and Anne in Rotherfield, who help us with the rearing and re-homing, don’t know what we would do without them. Incidently, any tins of meat flavoured cat or dog food are always appreciated to help feed all these hedgehogs. Chris and Sylvia have worked like Trojans with the deer fawns this year, they keep telling me they have retired!!!! But not seen any sign of it yet, mind you they have not had a chance. Please see attached deer update. We now have 6 fawns who will be with us until next year this means feeding them for the next 6months +. They eat a trailer load of browse a day – that is branches of Silver Birch, Hawthorne, Bramble, Fruit trees, hazel, roses, willow and black-thorn. If you have any of this in your garden and need it trimming please let us know and we will come and do it for you, or if not you could bring it over and meet the babies. We are finding it increasingly difficult to find enough to feed them. They cannot be fed hard feed like domestic animals so we have to find it for them. Please, please, please ask you neighbours, friends and relatives too.

Thank you

Debbie Johnson,
14 Aug 2013, 08:47