August 2011

posted 1 Sept 2011, 13:07 by Debbie Johnson
We have had a few little ones in in the last few weeks, a dunnock fledgling, a bullfinch fledgling,
a blackbird fledgling, 4 squirrel kit, unfortunately one died it came in with his brother they were both very dehydrated and thin, so sad. We have had a big clear out! The tawny from earlier in the year has been released, the fox cubs have all gone, the blackbird, bull finch, and dunnock have all flown off, the pigeon is in the aviary and the two barn owls are now outside in the big aviary. So i am now left with just 3 squirrels kits, now on 2 and 4 hourly feeds depending on size and doing very well. We had a very busy, but exciting day at Godstone Fete, we spoke to a lot of lovely people all interested in what we are doing and raised just over £100. This will help with the new shed we need to get to house all the autumn hedgehogs, that will need to be in for the winter. We have also been busy helping Chris and Sylvia  with the fallow fawns, giving them a hand with collecting browse, helping with enlarging the pen, and with dressings. Its been a busy time. The fawns get through a trailer load of browse every 2 days, and it is getting harder to find it, so if anyone out there has any silver birch or rowan trees in their garden that need trimming please,please let us know, we will come and trim and take away the branches gladly.