April 2012

posted 25 Apr 2012, 12:22 by Debbie Johnson

Its a while since i have had a chance to catch up on all the spring news. We have now had 15 fox cubs through the doors unfortunately 2 had to be put down.  Our first cub came via WRAS, she was only 24 hours old and had a nasty cut on her side, which had to be stapled by the vet. Next we had 2 cubs from North Chailey also via WRAS, found crying and no sign of mum, they were watched for 24 hours but mum did not return. We then had 6 cubs from one of our volunteers in Leatherhead. They were living under their shed, mum had a fight and disappeared, Nyree and Colin kept an eye on them but after mum not being seen for 2 days decided they had to go and get them out. Then two more via WRAS, one found cold wet an collapsed behind a wheelie bin in Eastbourne and another with a leg injury, both about 2 weeks old. These two unfortunately didn’t do well and had to be put to sleep.

Then 2 cubs from the British wildlife Centre, these were dug up by a JCB, unfortunately two of 4 siblings died, but the two that survived came to us, one of these was very dehydrated and thin the other not too bad. These two had to be separated as the small one needed special care, so one went to one of our other carers, to go with others, and Bridget ‘the midget’ as she is now known stayed at home. Our next cub came via WRAS was found on top of his dead siblings, and named TODD by his finder, another found wandering in Eastbourne and picked up by worried member of the public. Unfortunately mid to late April they are now coming out of the dens and exploring. They should be left alone unless they are in danger or looked injured in some way. Mum and Dad are not far, you just can’t see them.

Scooby was next he came from Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue, he has had a real rough start to life, he was almost bald and thought to have mange but all skin scrapes proved normal. He was then found to have a large worm infestation which was taking all the goodness out of any food he was getting. As a lone cub, he was desperate for company of his own kind and Sam Bedford, founder of the centre, put out a call for anyone who may have other cubs he could join. We have a few of various sizes and agesso offered our help straight away, and as he had finished his medication we arranged to meet half way and pick him up. He is now settled in with Sue, one of our volunteers and joined Bridget, who is just about his size.
 Next cub came from a garden in Crawley found under a rabbit hutch, mum not seen for 24hours and cub crying. Very shy and frightened, has a nasty bite on her nose but otherwise healthy. Has joined Todd and the cub from Eastbourne and settled in nicely.
Over the Easter Weekend we spent two days down at Paradise Park, fund raising. We were very well looked after and managed to raise £500 over the two days. Absolutely brilliant.