8.6.2011 -RIP Dylan Roe Fawn

posted 11 Jun 2011, 06:13 by Debbie Johnson   [ updated 11 Jun 2011, 06:37 ]
We have had a very upsetting time this week. On monday Dylan didnt seem himself, he didnt want all his milk that morning and when he went out into the garden he just nibbled at bits and pieces not alot then took himself off to bed. Later that day i took him out into the garden again and he kept straining to pass urine but didnt seem to be able to, then his back legs went and he refused to move. I carried him in and called Chris and Sylvia over, when they arrived he walked around the house as normal but then cuddled up in the corner. We decided to take him straight to our vet Sonya. She said his bladder was full but we couldnt find any reason for him not to pass urine. we drained some off to make him comfortable and gave him pain relief and antibiotics incase of infection. That night he was up and down and neither of got any sleep, next morning had to rush him back to sonya to drain more urine blood tests and scan. Decided to give him another 24 hours and maybe self medicate on Sylvia nd Chris's bushes. That evening we had to take him back again to be drained. He went all night with Chris watching  over him and was still ok in the morning still not passed any urine himself. But by the afternoon he was uncomfortable again so another trip to Sonya where we found that fluid was leaking into his abdomen now and his kidneys were failing. We had to make a decision. Because he was still so bright it was so hard to say call it a day but we knew that he was not going to get any better and we couldn't keep draining his bladder. It is a horrible decison to make but you have to do it for the animals sake, it is never easy, but has to be done. RIP little Dylan